Getting products to your online store is easy: browse the product catalog, take note of the SKU number of interested products, and we will take care of the rest.

How to Select Product

Visit the product catalog, click “All Categories” tab to reveal dropdown menu of available categories, and click a category to explore products.
Note: you can choose to only browse U.S.-based inventory by selecting “US Warehouse” and “In Stock” buttons.

Alternatively, you can also do a search by typing search terms in the “I’m shopping for …” search box found at the upper-left corner, as seen in the screenshot below.

To find out what a published product looks like, you can check out a sample product in the Woosource demo store by following this link.

What’s in a Product Listing

Clicking on a product thumbnail will bring you to the detailed product listing page. A product listing includes basic product information, English-language product description, and high-quality product images; click to view product listing screenshots in the gallery below.