Woosource is operated by JBC & Associates, a retail management company based in Toledo, Ohio. A full description of team members can be found at JBC & Associates website.

James O’Neill
Chief Executive Officer

Jim O’Neill is responsible for developing the company’s strategic direction and delivering on its mission of providing exceptional retail sales and operations services to its clients. Mr. O’Neill is a proven leader in the retail sales management arena, with extensive sales, marketing, leasing, and operational expertise. His 25 years of experience covers traditional year-round mall retail sales operations for the nation’s leading health supplement chain, GNC, and most recently, the U.S. and Canadian seasonal kiosk business for Hickory Farms, Inc. While there, he drove the strategic plan to revamp the program from a fixed cost model to a variable cost system — resulting in stronger market competitiveness and increased profits.

Joe Purifico
President, General Counsel

Joe Purifico is currently the President and General Counsel of JBC. He is responsible for new business development, leasing, legal, and debt/equity fundraising for JBC’s clients. Joe is a seasoned professional and entrepreneur with a solid background in business law, accounting, real estate and financing. His career started with a Big Six accounting firm and continued as General Counsel for a publicly traded transportation leasing company. Joe developed an entrepreneurial legal and financial private practice, became CEO and General Counsel for Halloween Adventure and Smart Toys, and is a pioneer in the temporary leasing industry.

Moe Lin
Chief Operating Officer

Moe received his Ph.D. in communication from Temple University in Philadelphia. Moe also has a master’s degree from the School of Journalism at Renmin University of China. Moe has held full-time teaching positions at University of North Florida and Georgian Court University. With his teaching, research, and industry expertise, Moe has worked with various clients from China to enter the U.S. market. He helps clients with offline retail, online marketing, social media operation, branding, advertising, media PR, and crowdfunding.