Start your online store without the operating hassles
Make extra money with no risk, no cost, no inventory

Choose from more than 10,000+ hot-selling products

Woosource offers an innovative online store program that provides merchants an online store under their name to expand their sales and brand.

How Online Store Works

  • Suppliers stock inventory in U.S. and China warehouses, and then provide product listings to the Woosource platform.
  • Merchant posts selected product listings to his or her branded online store, and promotes to customers through brick & mortar storefront, social media, email lists, and other channels.
  • Customer places an order at the merchant’s online store; the order is passed to the supplier, and the supplier ships direct to the customer’s doorstep.

Benefits to Merchants

  • No inventory. No cost. Customer orders pass directly to the supplier who fulfills orders and ships direct to the customer’s doorstep. Woosource will pay for product sample costs and third-party expenses.*
  • No-hassle operation. Woosource creates the online store, manages day-to-day operations, provides digital marketing support, and processes returns. Digital marketing supports include but are not limited to online advertising, social media marketing, SEO, email marketing, market surveys, product research.
  • Test marketing. Know how new product concepts perform before launching them in brick & mortar stores.

* Woosource will pay for product sample costs and third-party expenses, which will be deducted as operating costs after the store starts generating enough revenues. Third-party expenses include but are not limited to Shopify monthly fee, email marketing platform fee, and digital marketing apps.

Revenue-Sharing Structure

When a customer places an order in the merchant’s online store, the payment is taken by Woosource and then distributed among the parties involved: Woosource, suppliers, merchant, and Shopify.

  • Suppliers take stated product cost, plus shipping and packaging costs
  • As the shopping cart system provider, Shopify takes 2.9% plus 30 cents of each transaction
  • Woosource and the merchant each takes 50% of the remaining revenue after the deduction of operating costs